Support Delivery Fee Caps in Burbank! Leave Public Comment


The City of Burbank and newly-elected Burbank City Councilmember and MWA leader Konstantine Anthony are considering a motion to cap the outrageous delivery fees that apps like UberEats, Doordash and Postmates charge to restaurants.  This is another example of the ways that gig companies squeeze people who are desperate to make ends meet during a global pandemic. Stand up to the companies and support the cap on fees by making a public comment at tonight’s city council meeting! 

You can comment ahead of time via electronic form, as well as in real time by calling in to the meeting!

Burbank City Council Meeting
6:00 p.m., Jan 26, 2021
Watch Live:

Leave an Electronic Comment in Support

1) Visit this link to leave a comment on the agenda item: LEAVE A COMMENT

2) Fill out your contact info on the form

3) Click the “Support” button

3) Use this script to write a comment:

My name is YOUR NAME. I live in Burbank. I work for COMPANY YOU WORK FOR. I support the proposed cap on delivery app fees to restaurants with the inclusion of language protecting pay and tips for drivers. It’s important that our local government keep these companies in check and stop their exploitation of restaurants and drivers. Thank you.

4) Click “Submit Comment”

Call In and Make Comment

1) Turn on the live stream:

2) Call in to the comment line: (818) 238-3335

3) Wait for agenda item M4 – Consideration of Third-Party Food Delivery Service Fees in the City of Burbank – City Attorney’s Office/Community Development Department

4) When called, use this script to guide your comment:

Hello councilmembers, my name is YOUR NAME, I live in Burbank  and I’ve been working for COMPANY for YEARS.

I support the proposed idea of a cap on fees from delivery network companies.

I also insist that any cap on delivery fees also ensures that delivery apps cannot reduce our pay, including tips, as a result of the prohibitions included in the ordinance.

As someone who works for these companies, I see how they take advantage of delivery workers and restaurant owners through various methods that aren’t obvious to the people who use these apps.

Companies like UberEats, Doordash and Postmates use a lack of regulation and their bully status as so-called innovators to squeeze every dollar they can out of vulnerable people.

This is unethical during a global pandemic when restaurant owners and delivery workers are both desperate to make ends meet.

These companies have no justification for charging outrageous fees. Restaurants make the food and we deliver the food – the companies are middlemen.

So, I encourage you to follow the lead of the city and county of Los Angeles and institute caps on delivery fees charged to restaurants that includes strong language protecting worker pay.

Thank you for your time and have good evening.