CA Gig Workers Union News

News from the frontlines of the fight for Gig Workers rights in California.

App-based drivers and delivery workers from across the Golden State announced the formation of a union Wednesday — the California Gig Workers Union (CGWU) — at a rally in front […]

SoCal Rideshare and Delivery Driver Survey: The Impact of Soaring Gas Prices, March 18, 2022 – April 28, 2022  Summary An overwhelming majority of 658 Southern California rideshare and delivery […]

Nov. 3 action Neide + Ana

A caravan of LA-area rideshare drivers with Mobile Workers Alliance descended on Uber’s Greenlight Hub in Central LA on Wednesday, November 3, and demanded that the tech giant grant gig […]

On May 25, rideshare and delivery drivers with  Mobile Workers Alliance and We Drive Progress took to the streets in San Francisco and Los Angeles as part of a statewide […]

CA Gig Economy Workers Blow Whistle on Broken Prop 22 Healthcare Promises in Virtual Press Conference; New Survey Results Showing Massive Ineligibility and Lack of Access 86% of Drivers Surveyed […]