Huge Win! California Sues Uber & Lyft Over Misclassification

This is a game changer.

For more than a year we’ve been rallying, motor marching, caravanning, sending letters, making calls, attending hearings and council meetings and doing everything in our power to get AB5 passed and then enforced. Last fall, we won passage.

Tuesday morning, we won a huge step toward enforcement. In a live-streamed press conference, California attorney general Xavier Becerra, along with the city attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, announced that they would be suing Uber and Lyft over misclassification under AB5

Since January, when AB5 officially became law, Uber and Lyft have refused to comply and instead invested more than $30 million apiece in a misleading ballot measure campaign that would exempt them from the law permanently and allow them to continue to exploit drivers and write their own rules.

Uber and Lyft aren’t above the law and today proves it.

Organizing works. Even as drivers are risking their lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve kept up relentless pressure on the companies and on elected officials – this morning was proof that it pays off.

Our fight isn’t over, but this is a victory worth celebrating and it was earned by each and every MWA driver who has taken action in our fight. Congratulations.

Check out our official press statement here.

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    • Loweta
      Loweta says:

      That’s what they get for saying drivers are not what keeps Uber in business.
      We ARE the most important ingredient to Ubers continued existence. Without us, Uber falls.

    • Vamey
      Vamey says:

      This is great news, I hope the results end in a financial benefit for all abused drivers.
      Thanks for all your hard work.

  1. Frank B
    Frank B says:

    Yes they’ve been dishonest in stealing money , They get upset if I do not accept rides in they send me post Stating that it could affect my ability work for them Definitely need to be regulated to keep them on the up-and-up

    • Mike
      Mike says:

      Uber and Lyft platform specially Ubers platform is designed specifically against the drivers and they also mislead the customers by Not telling the customers that the drivers are independent contractors and the majority of customers believe that the driver is an employee of Uber and they are treating the drivers disrespectfuly by assuming that they can call and complain if the driver does Not comply with their rediculous requests like for example they ask us to crank up the volume to the maximum which is unsafe. Or smoke and vape in the car without asking for permission. Or ask for water and gum and candies and if the driver does Not do their request they scare the driver by telling them.that they will give them bad Star rating????and some customers go even beyond by making false claims like saying the driver was under the influence and drunk or the vehicle smelled weed or the driver was scary!!! so that they can get a free ride by jeperdising the drivers job and guess whatUber and lyft and specifically Uber do they just deactivate the driver meaning they just fire the driver without paying any consequences and unemployment benefits ????So in conclusion if Uber and Lyft are making the customers think that the driver is an employee of Uber and Lyft, well then they have to hire the driver then!!?? And exactly this is why AB5 was passed????????????

  2. Albert
    Albert says:

    Finally evil has been uncovered, very sad that it took a pandemic for the world to see how abused are gig economy workers.

  3. Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez says:

    Amen to this movement. For a while ive known that weve been misclassified and theyve been iver explaiting us without correct compensation. Ive left many complaints with them too. Thank you for the movement and support. God bless you in Jesus Christs name, thank you, amen.

  4. Eswin omar pineda
    Eswin omar pineda says:

    I’m so happy to hear about this matter I hopefully uber in Lyft pay something. This company alliance is the best!!!

  5. Mike W.
    Mike W. says:

    This is What would we as misused drivers be looking at as a monetary reward..How .much will we and the.state be sueing for? This is .long.overdue. Because look at how we are being treated in this very odd time. We carry both of these shitty companies since their existence and can’t get a damn thing from them when we need them..

  6. John Childers I'm glad this taken place like to see foreseen national labor relations board
    John Childers I'm glad this taken place like to see foreseen national labor relations board says:

    It’s good that this is taken place….I would like to see forcing the employer to acknowledge drivers under the National Relations Board…to obtain collective bargaining rights..

  7. Gerard delao
    Gerard delao says:

    This is a cinco de mayo to be remembered. Si se puede – yes we can. Lets continue this battle for equality in the workforce and healthcare

  8. Donna Pineda
    Donna Pineda says:

    My automobile was hit during a trip and it was the other vehicle fault and lyft never did anything about it

    • Myst
      Myst says:

      They’re all about profit. You don’t matter. That’s what happens when you don’t have a union

  9. Knut j Sveen
    Knut j Sveen says:

    Yes one time I went to Redlands to San Diego more than 4 hours no tip in rides on the way back we’re not possible the rest of my gas and my time did not pay enough

  10. Knut j Sveen
    Knut j Sveen says:

    Another time I was doing Uber Eats and I stood in line when the virus has started then they told me that I had to go through the drive-thru after it said that I had to go in I went through the drive-thru there was 15 or more cars took me more than an hour you go through the line I got paid $11 not even minimum wage

  11. Fred Collins
    Fred Collins says:

    I want to say I thank God for the victory and I pray that everyone keeps safe during these times.

  12. Jetson
    Jetson says:

    Uber y lyft le roban los carros a todos los conductores sin que se den cuenta de que sus carros se desgastan es injusto lo que pagan por viaje se aprovechan de la necesidad poner llantas cuesta 500 a 600 cambios de aceite cada 2 meses 150 aseguransa 200 por mes limpiesa 100 por mes gasolina 50 por día y si se arruina el motor o trasmicion que dios los bendiga por que ellos quitados de pena bola de rratas

  13. Eric Valles
    Eric Valles says:

    Thank you so much, we really needed this win ,I just feel that I get robbed, every time I drive now, there’s a lot of wear and tear in the vehicles, not enough money, how it was before.

  14. Armen Hovhannisyan
    Armen Hovhannisyan says:

    I am a taxi driver for the Elevator and thanks to the taxi Lif I can support my family, pay for housing! I fully support the work style and the leadership program of the Lif.

  15. Armen Hovhannisyan
    Armen Hovhannisyan says:

    I am a taxi driver for the Elevator and thanks to the taxi Lyft I can support my family, pay for housing! I fully support the work style and the leadership program of the Lyft.

  16. Nichelle jones
    Nichelle jones says:

    I am so tired of over and left treating their employees so unfair hopefully they understand that driving is a real job .

  17. Gustavo
    Gustavo says:

    Thank you God…. and MWA for your help and concern about us drivers. I hope that everything gets settled and that once this virus is completely gone we can get back to work without the fear of us getting the virus and bringing it home to our families. and I hope that we get compensated for everything they took from us. God bless MWA and all the Uber and Lyft drivers all around the world that stood in the fight with faith and patience.

  18. Nicholas Haner
    Nicholas Haner says:

    Union representation was the only true game-changer between the people / workers rights and employer / corporations/ oppressors… united we stand divided we fall

  19. Francisco Martinez
    Francisco Martinez says:

    For years, these companies have taken adventaje over drivers. It’s time to make them pay back. No as a revange but for justice.

  20. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    It’s about time our city mayor is on the side of the big corporations in a effort to make Los Angeles a third world to give power to corporate corrupt exploits who promised a fair job against the taxi companies but are even worst. The one percent of Uber or Lyft drivers who just drive for extra dollars want to make a voice of the 98 percent of drivers it’s insane that they have a voice that’s one of my points of many. Let’s pray we overcome this corrupt and unfair treatment we as drivers get in a underpaid and exploited job.

  21. Johnny Nguyen
    Johnny Nguyen says:

    Thank you for being our side help us goes through the rough time help all families in needs ??

  22. Marie
    Marie says:

    Yes, let’s stick together Uber and Lyft Driver we can accomplish big things. Uber make billions and we cannot get monies for maintenance. This is so wrong.

  23. Victor Villasenorb
    Victor Villasenorb says:

    I am glad that you are doing a good job to bring up the earnings to Uber and Lift Drivers is only fair. You guys have no idea what drivers have to bear on car maintenance, and the awful way that some customers treat us.
    Keep the guy job . Hope you guys don’t get bought up by Uber And Lyft
    Have a nice day. Vic

  24. Latina young
    Latina young says:

    I’m glad. I have been an uber driver for over 3 years. I drove for them became I’ll when rider infected me. At the time I had a hertz rental. I reported the matter and uber has refused to compensate for my illness. I reported the matter march 24 through there portal, after numerous calls and emails for help even I’m a platinum driver I received a partial payment for 5 days. Then in writing they said they would pay the remaining 9 days they didn’t. And I was deactivated for 23 days, without explanation. I reported and I have been ignored. Stop uber from this unfair justice toward drivers

  25. Graciela Mora Barrera
    Graciela Mora Barrera says:

    I’ve written petitions to the O’Connor vs Uber Technologies since 2016-2019. I’ve written Labor Boards throughout the United States, I’ve written Judge’s in a desperate attempt to call attention to the way Uber and Lyft treat us and under pay us. They take out tips when they shouldn’t. We use our cars, our gas and pay for our own repairs and expenses. If they are just an app, then they should be just that. Take 20% of what we make and let us setting the fares. Our car, our RULES. Stop paying the CEO and CFO more than what they are worth.
    I knew I’d see the day when these crooks would bow down to our long hours of protesting and fighting against these Giant Corporation that are taking advantage of the little guy like always. Thank God for all our efforts, talking about the drivers who fault to protest

  26. harden a. carter
    harden a. carter says:

    Way to go guys. I no longer drive and was so hopelessly trying to make my driving work sincecI had no other income. Covid convinced me to quit in early March. Even though I enjoyed the work, I had to work longer and longer cause the pay went further down even with the Assembly Legislation. So good work. They are exploiting us without mercy.

  27. M. Baldè
    M. Baldè says:

    Uber has been sending all theses legal documents to be agreed on by the drivers before getting access to there platform. So thank you forever for the good job you’ve been doing.

  28. jerry clemens
    jerry clemens says:

    If you make it too expensive these people will stop using the service and you won’t make any money I wouldn’t put the taxi businesses are behind this…Uber and Lyft are not careers it’s extra money…

  29. Marcella Williams
    Marcella Williams says:

    Thanks for fighting for us and for your faith in that change was coming, this is proof that God heard your messages. Even though I am not driving any more I stand with you. Congrats.

  30. Eddie
    Eddie says:

    Great now the crybabies have screwed it up for the rest of us. It’s funny how the loud minority messes up the rest of us earning money. No one is forcing you to work for Uber or Lyft or delivery services. You want full benefits then get a better job. You cant get a better job? Who’s fault is that? Maybe look more at yourselves. I have worked for just about all these services for years and eventhough they can all improve I wouldnt go as far as to say it’s their fault for how much I can make. Wonder what these crybabies will do when these companies just pack up and leave the California markets and leave all of us with nothing. Will your complaining pay my bills?

  31. Naum
    Naum says:

    Congrats and thank you for your effort for pursuing our right and justice for all independent drivers
    Good luck

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