CA Drivers: “By taking on Uber and Lyft, AG Becerra is taking action to protect drivers and taxpayers”

CALIFORNIA — Today, in response to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra’s announcement of a lawsuit against Uber and Lyft in partnership with the city attorneys of Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco to hold the companies accountable for violating California law, ignoring workplace rules and refusing to pay payroll taxes or contribute to the state unemployment fund, Hector Castellanos, who drives for Uber, and Jerome Gage, who drives for Lyft, issued the following statements.

Castellanos is a member of We Drive Progress, a movement of app-based workers in Northern California. Gage is a member of the Mobile Workers Alliance, a group of Southern California drivers.

“Uber and Lyft are avoiding all responsibility and shifting their costs to drivers and taxpayers. They are taking advantage of a pandemic, just like they’ve been taking advantage of drivers and taxpayers for years. When I was in an accident driving for Lyft, I needed shoulder surgery and couldn’t work for eight months. Without employee benefits like workers’ compensation, my daughter had to drop out of school to help us keep our home. Now that I’m quarantined because of COVID-19, it’s been the same struggle for my family all over again,” said Hector Castellanos, a Bay Area driver and leader with We Drive Progress. “Even before this pandemic, I was barely making enough to get by because Uber and Lyft did everything they could to avoid paying a livable wage or providing access to health insurance. By holding Uber and Lyft accountable, Attorney General Becerra is taking action to protect drivers and taxpayers, who are on the hook to support struggling drivers because these companies refuse to follow the law like other businesses.”

“Uber and Lyft are not above the law, but for years they’ve acted as if they are. During the coronavirus pandemic, their greed and disregard for Californians, drivers and customers has reached an all time high. I am terrified of getting sick as passengers cough and sneeze in my car constantly. Uber and Lyft have abandoned drivers and passengers by failing to provide personal protective equipment,” said Jerome Gage, a Los Angeles Lyft driver and leader with Mobile Workers Alliance. “I am unable to stay home. If I don’t drive, I have no income. I have no choice. If I don’t risk my health, I won’t have money to eat and pay my bills.”

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  1. Hamidreza kaibollahi
    Hamidreza kaibollahi says:

    Congratulation to all uber and Lyft drivers…. as Cage said : I have no choice .. I have to pay mortgage and to live…. but Uber and Lyft don’t care… we started our movement against these 2 companies , and will continue till get our rights… they are getting rich and richer , since we risk our life only to be survive… not fair … not fair

    TANYA YATES says:

    Yes,they have made me go out my way for $3, and they have cheated me many times, and I’ve complained, they hide behind the texts,our lives stay in constant danger and they showed me nothing,No Lyft lamp,No mask,No sanitizer…NO NOTHING! I COULD BE DEAD IN A DITCH WHERE I LIVE WITHOUT A LAMP…BUT THATS THE LEAST ON HOW THEY TREAT US….FED UP…LYFT IS A CROOK WITH A DIFFERENT LOOK! GREED! TAKING MOST OF OUR EARNINGS WHILE THEY SIT ON THEIR ASS AND LET SIMULATED MESSAGES REPLY TO US! IM FED UP!

    • Brian Simonsgaard - Ventura County Driver
      Brian Simonsgaard - Ventura County Driver says:

      Wow!! Finally a resounding blow and message to these crooks. Run like communists in our democracy! Doing what they want how they want it! Used to think they only cared for the paying customer. And if they truly did they wouldn’t represent themselves poorly as they do and recognize the drivers are their face.

    • Edwardo
      Edwardo says:

      I have been working for Uber for 3 years without stopping lm 66 years old. Now I stopped because im terrified anyway since March 23rd thank you congress man ,becerra and driver’s whom participated…

    • Ridiculous
      Ridiculous says:

      Get a different job. Go to school. It’s their company why cant they pay what they want to pay. Like every other employer. I hope they shut down in spite to show you all they dont care and everyone will lose their job. All because you all are so damn greedy it makes me sick

    • Ridiculous
      Ridiculous says:

      I hope they close down in spite of all you greedy people. What a disgrace to america you are. Go to school. Get a real job. Frickin cry babies that want everything for free

  3. John Childers
    John Childers says:

    This matter should result in drivers getting back pay and benefits compensation they would of earn as employees ….

  4. Alicia Gutierrez
    Alicia Gutierrez says:

    Well just to let you know I’ve been driving since the whole coronavirus and a full-time driver and I’m still driving I hope I can come and say that just because I’ve been driving through the whole academic

    • Laquita
      Laquita says:

      I’m glad you are still driving, it’s a blessing, but! If you have contracted coronavirus, by no fault of your own, how would have continued to makes ends me, even possibly death, would have been worth it.
      I was driving Lyft express, I started to feel awful, my nose continued to run, I was sneezing uncontrollably, my ears were hurting, my throat was very sore, I couldn’t breathe. All I could think of was my 12 year old son, that I could have exposed him, and him getting sick, he has asthma and he’s allergic to so much, I’m hearing of death and them being alone, in order to make a decent pay , because when it got real, I barely made the cost of the rental, plus gas, washing the car. Getting back to it scared me to death, I informed Lyft, they made me feel like I did something criminal, they never check to see, if I was alive or dead, never said they would assist while I was out.
      When a company things only of there pockets and not the well-being of people that works under there platform, something isn’t right.
      I thank God, My breathing became stable, I’m alive, it could’ve been different, our pay doesn’t fit the hour’s and time we put forth, when they’re getting rich and I’m getting the minimum. God bless I’m glad it was a win in the right direction.

  5. Steven Givens
    Steven Givens says:

    We need face mask sanitizer and gloves and also disinfectant for door handles and we should get more money for each ride I’m a driver for Lyft thank you in Ventura County California

    • Ridiculous
      Ridiculous says:

      Bernie Sanders! Free free free free I want everything free.Ugh! You guys make me sick to my stomach. Get a real job. Go to school. I hope they classify you guys as employees and decide to pay $5 an hour! Hahahanthat would be awesome! Or just close down completely and you have no job. That would be nice to. You greedy degenerates you! Sickening. What a disgrace to America

  6. Clifford Dozier
    Clifford Dozier says:

    Been black car 5.5 years then drove X at 2.50 mile . Black car drivers have suffered
    7 pay cuts now have choked us out can’t even log on . All docs in order and payed .
    Commercial insurance runs out mid month and right now won’t be renewing . Uber has sucked all the meat off the bone this gig is terrible compared to the way it used to be . Most of you don’t even know when this was a good job . Hope they leave town they suck and. Get them for anything you can got all my support down south .But there mileage is below starvation , and can stick Comfort up there you know what . Not wearing this car out for no money

  7. Fabian Pesantes
    Fabian Pesantes says:

    Uber and Lyft s been cheating in the earnings. Don’t care about about driver and riders

  8. Stacey Woodard
    Stacey Woodard says:

    What I’m wondering does anybody know if they have addressed the issue where the amount you pay uber fluctuates by how many rides you give. I was a part time driver and think it’s unfair that all drivers are not paying the same amount for weigh bill. There are other ways to reward drivers other then making other drivers pay more.

  9. Tawab Saadat
    Tawab Saadat says:

    Finally we got it congratulations to all of us and thank for your support to keep us alive . I have been driving for both Uber and Lyft for over 3 years I lost my full time jobs last Feb I was depending on driving with Uber and Lyft since March there is no work for me due to Covid 19 .

  10. Thomas amato
    Thomas amato says:

    It’s a scam both companies Uber and Lyft. If your running financial spread sheets on the earnings the cause doesn’t fit the means . It shows up negative in the money earnings after all is done

  11. Sam
    Sam says:

    AB 5 screwed every contractor and sub contractor in the state just one more over reaching price of legislation from an out of control power hungry polititons Basra kiss my ass

  12. Sam
    Sam says:

    All you drivers complaining about uber and lift did bbn someone forsee you to work for them just wondering

  13. Nelida Serrano
    Nelida Serrano says:

    We hace to pay taxes gas and all the spenses for the car that its not goog

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