MWA Drivers Respond To Uber CEO’s Cruel Comments & Demand Real Action To Protect Drivers From COVID-19

dara khosrowshahi

In a virtual press conference today, Mobile Workers Alliance drivers reacted to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi’s cruel take on the current public health crisis.

This morning, in comments to financial analysts regarding the ongoing pandemic, Khosrowshahi said “This situation certainly demonstrates the downside of attaching basic protections to W2 employment.”

MWA driver James Wiest addressed the comment directly in remarks to press. “This is despicable, even by Uber’s standards,” he said. “This heartlessness toward drivers once again shows Uber’s true colors – prioritizing profits above all else, even in the midst of the most serious public health emergency we’ve faced in my lifetime.”

Later, drivers outlined our demands, including a call for Uber and Lyft to immediately drop their deceptive ballot measure aimed at overturning AB 5, reclassify drivers as employees, and use the $110 million committed to the campaign to provide direct relief to drivers affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

As federal, state, and local authorities take extraordinary measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus, Uber and Lyft have failed to take meaningful steps to protect drivers and passengers from the growing public health threat.

In less than a week, thousands of drivers have signed onto a petition urging the rideshare giants to take immediate action to comply with AB5, which we fought for and won in 2019.

Here are our demands:

  • Uber and Lyft end driver misclassification immediately and comply with Assembly Bill 5 to protect worker and public safety.

  • Uber and Lyft provide paid leave for all workers who are exhibiting any possible COVID-19 symptoms, have been diagnosed, or have been ordered to self-quarantine, for at least 14 days. Hourly wages should be $15 at minimum, and all workers should be compensated for at least 30 hours per week.

  • Uber and Lyft provide free COVID-19 screening to all drivers.

  • Uber and Lyft reimburse drivers for all expenses related to keeping cars safe and sanitized.

  • Uber and Lyft provide compensation to drivers for time spent disinfecting vehicles between rides.

  • An urgent meeting with Uber and Lyft executive teams to address drivers’ concerns, with the goal of establishing permanent paid leave policies and rapid response procedures for future public health emergencies.

  • Put the $110 million allocated to the insulting ballot measure into a fund to support drivers affected by the outbreak.

“Uber and Lyft are not doing enough to protect drivers and passengers during this public health crisis,” MWA driver Jerome Gage said. “Because Uber and Lyft refuse to comply with state law and properly classify us as employees, we’re left without guaranteed paid sick time, unemployment insurance, or employer-provided healthcare. If drivers like me begin to show symptoms, we’re forced to decide between self-quarantining and making enough money to keep food on the table for our families. It’s unacceptable.”

Drivers are continuing gather petition signatures in the coming days alongside partners Paid Leave for the United States. Tell Uber and Lyft to take immediate action to protect public health!

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  1. Arthur Castro
    Arthur Castro says:

    I support the MWA in their efforts, and I also believe that Postmates should be included in the aforementioned demands. I am also advocating a flat rate of $30 an hour for Postmates Couriers.

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    I just buy a house and how Am going to pay for.
    My family need to continue help people to make money. Because many people used Uber and is part of living. How you going to provide help for family’s like me. Am a single mother and I need money to pay all my bills and food as utility’s and payments. Credicards interest will grow. Please we need help to keep live. Thanks

  3. Donovant Grant
    Donovant Grant says:

    We all depend on each and customer support stares at the top. All successful businesses have looked out for the basis of their business…. helping people. Employees are on the front line as the face of the company.

  4. Linda Ballard
    Linda Ballard says:

    Yes I am on your team and I’m having a hard time collecting any money for my loss of work as a Lyft driver if there’s anyway you can help please I really need the money I have a family to take care of and I have bills any help will do if we can get our money that’s owed to us sooner it would be helpful

    • Linda Ballard
      Linda Ballard says:

      I have been under quarantine for one week now and I am 69 years old so I am really taking a risk going out in the world at this moment so I will stay home until I feel it safe to go out and work again

  5. Sean Bloch
    Sean Bloch says:

    Begin a class action lawsuit against uber and Lyft for irresponsibly profiteering off the pandemic.

  6. David McElroy sr
    David McElroy sr says:

    Uber and lyft left me no choice but to protect my self so i have been at home for two weeks and do not know when i will return to work the public need to know that at this time it is not safe to ride with uber and lyft because the driver can’t get the supplies we need to do the job safely

  7. Emmanuel Abrokwa
    Emmanuel Abrokwa says:

    That’s unacceptable. They have to be hold responsible. This behavior is getting old.

  8. Carmen Rojo
    Carmen Rojo says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I have driven for Uber and Lyft for more than three years. In this time of quarantine has been a challenge due to what Mr. Trump announced coronavirus as a “State of Emergency“ . I am the head of the house whole and a financial burden on my shoulders since the law states I should be 6-10 feet apart from another person.

    Thank you for your time.

    Stay safe and healthy,
    Carmelita Rojo

  9. Tomas Aguilar
    Tomas Aguilar says:

    I am a lyft driver I worked for uber to last uear. I spend the last 3 monts seek on cold and flu and alergies and respiratory problems may all family catch the cold and alergie at the moment we don’t realy show the corona viruz simptoms but i wory alot for me and my family I did drived lyft and uber costumers to hospital s and the airport now a am seak on a cold and alergie on medicine and can’t work on medicine I mean driving on medicine is there eny wey for me to get help


    I don’t understand why just people that are being quarantined or have it should get help. I try to go out every day and work and there just isn’t enough rides. So it affects us that are still healthy too.

  11. Aman
    Aman says:

    I’m driving uber and Lyft almost more then 3 years right now I’m not driving because of virus so if I’m not driving does i get paid.

  12. Robert Arias
    Robert Arias says:

    Yes this is really unfair. We have made these people a lot of money. And this whole time they expect us to drive around. The only rides that I have been getting her to and from the hospital and I feel like they have been putting me at great risk of catching this virus. I just turned 47 myself. So I’m really scared because I am a little on the older side. Also they took my weekly bonus away and I ended up homeless. I just barely started renting a room and now really nervous about losing my place and ending up homeless again.And for them to admit that putting us at risk and not letting us take a paid sick leave is unacceptable. I am very upset and I am furious

  13. Christian Franco
    Christian Franco says:

    I am a kidney transplant Uber driver . My Doctor advice me to be Careful my immune system is low but I am force to Work because Uber refuses to pay me while I am off. If anything happens to Me I will file a lawsuit against Uber for falling to completely Acknowledge me as a driver.. I am deeply in trouble by Uber actions.

  14. Marina Kuptsova
    Marina Kuptsova says:

    Uber/ Lyft need to compensate us, not everyone have the regular job, I don’t… and how I supposed to pay all my bills if it’s no work now


    I drive for uber and lyft been driving for uber for 5to 6 years and lyft about 8 months it’s hard to provide for our family’s with what is going on in the world as of now…I feel that the company should make adjustments to compensate us for out dedicated service

  16. Alfonso Sanchez jr
    Alfonso Sanchez jr says:

    Wow, he gives 2 f#$%@ about us. Just wrong. We made him rich now he is removing himself from the situation.

  17. TerryKaseman
    TerryKaseman says:

    I am a driver I’ve been driving out here for a little bit over a year we need help step up or step down I’m sleeping in my car because I made the decision to be a Rideshare driver I already regret it don’t make me regret it more

  18. Erica barnes
    Erica barnes says:

    I havnt been driving Uber due to strangers getting In my car that may have the virus
    I havnt been making any money and my bills are still due
    I can’t file unemployment for Uber

  19. Max rico
    Max rico says:

    We as drivers are risking working during these slow times, barely making money and risking getting sick , we have no benefits and no guarantee that we will make any money!!

  20. Michael Houston
    Michael Houston says:

    Dara Khodorkovsky is a greedy, selfish, self centered asshole. Its always been profit over drivers. He doesn’t care about the drivers. Why? Because they come and go. That’s why I don’t drive for Uber. However, I’m getting the same feeling with Lyft. They take in most of the fares. Sixty to 70 percent. The drivers for both companies are out the doing all the work. Dealing with many personalities. Driving in heavy traffic. For bullshit pay. Dara Khodorkovsky can kiss my ass! Lyft too! They’re all greedy bastards!

  21. Carlos Viscarra Jr
    Carlos Viscarra Jr says:

    Hello in regs to this problem that we are having from other drivers there are not getting to much request for pick up and drop off request it’s very very slow for us drivers to out here on the road looking for business to feed are family s

  22. Syed Gohar Shah
    Syed Gohar Shah says:

    We Uber drivers must be compensate during this pandemic crisis coz there is no earnings these days and full time uber drivers are in very bad situation to pay rent snd bills

  23. Rashida Shah
    Rashida Shah says:

    I believe it was last year that Uber gave some drivers a payout that they said was to thank us. With all the cash they told their investors that they have why don’t they combine that with the $110 million they are using to stop us from being classified as employees n send everyone a check for a couple of hundred of dollars. That would make a statement that they understand how important we are to their making billions. Without us, they have nothing. I’m glad they want to pay those drivers that get the virus but what about the thousands of us who don’t get it. We are the ones they will be wanting to start driving after this crisis is over.

  24. Maria
    Maria says:

    They need to understand that we are the o es in risk and we need more. Not just the necessary but more.

  25. Christian Sanders
    Christian Sanders says:

    Some of this, Uber is already doing, but I still feel so left out and uncared for as a highly reliable Platinum driver. I think it is ludicrous that I have to get sick in order to have any relief from missing out on the 40-50 hours of work I typically give each week. I have a rental vehicle from one of Uber’s partners, and the best they could do was say, “Drivers can return their vehicles without penalties.” I’m still trying to do UberEats to see if it will pay well enough to cope with the plummeting of the Uber platform, I still need to travel to see my doctor for another condition, and I still need to travel to get medication. Having a vehicle is still essential for my survival and to be able to make whatever money I can during this crisis.

  26. Roger Brandon
    Roger Brandon says:

    If you want to do something for us drivers who put money in to your pockets and since we as drivers cannot go out to make money because there is no passengers that want to ride and that there’s a worldwide closure on businesses people is working for the From homes what are we going to do for money in are pockets to live on you should give us back some of the money that you have takeing from us so that we can live and pay are bills that are due as of now I have Ben able to work for over a week in a 1/2 now what are we as diver supposed to do we can’t collect an appointment since we are all all bosses supposedly we work for you how do we collect an appointment to pay our bills or are you going to put money into our pockets so that we can pay our bills and live on and buy food and accessories

  27. Jonathan Courtney
    Jonathan Courtney says:

    This is particularly abhorrent in light of Uber CEO’s recent comments to shareholders that they have “plenty of cash” to see them through the crisis, stoking massive rebound in Uber’s stock value.

    I think it’s clear where the company’s priorities are.

  28. Eupora Butts
    Eupora Butts says:

    Lyft failed to help drivers who have rental cars from Lyft. Making drivers use their deposit for the car, when drivers need the money for self quarantine.

  29. George Ibrahim
    George Ibrahim says:

    They should pay for us now at least $500 a week we did make billions of dollars for uber and Lyft that’s there turns to care off all drivers

  30. Osias lazaro
    Osias lazaro says:

    Uber driver has to stop going out and drive for our safe on our health,uber has to conpinsate us for not out there driving for every bodies safe

  31. Ricardo contreras
    Ricardo contreras says:

    I stopped driving completely since a week not driving or going back till I hear no more new cases of people infected uber hasn’t done anything good for drivers for a very long time at this time nothing good is aspected from this company that’s what I decided to stop driving

  32. MarlenyAlvarenga
    MarlenyAlvarenga says:

    No tenemos trabajo es muy despacio a eses espero asta 2 horas para agarrar un viaje no tengo para pagar la renta ni mi carro necesitamos q Uver nos ayude con algo esto está difícil porfabor esperamos q nos responda nosotros le jenerabamos mucho dinero ahora esperamos de ustedes la ayuda please

  33. Nichelle jones
    Nichelle jones says:

    We have been treated unfair long enough it’s not only our job but it’s their duty to keep us safe and out of harms way doing a crisis like this we should lease have mask gloves disinfect in a car wash every day

  34. Asghar Bagheri
    Asghar Bagheri says:

    With this crisis and not many people want to use public transportation even Uber, drivers income sometimes to minimum or zero, this is the time for Uber to step up and help drivers till we pass this. Thanks

  35. B
    B says:

    Uber and Lyft need to get all of us drivers time off lease for 2 weeks with pay and that’s the bottom line all these other companies or telling their people to stay home with pay we don’t really have any business now and whatever business we do have us drivers are forced to go out there because we need to steal take care of our family in our finances this is where they need to step up over and live and pay us drivers to stay home and be on lockdown like everyone else two weeks to a month with a k that’s the bottom line

  36. Ahmad Noureddine
    Ahmad Noureddine says:

    We need to get at least 50% from our weekly earnings from Uber and Lyft
    They don’t care about us
    Thank you

  37. Gayle
    Gayle says:

    I asked for financial help because I am high risk and they said I have to have a note from the doctor which I am getting.

  38. Alicia Gutierrez
    Alicia Gutierrez says:

    I need to work I’m a single mom with three children for me to be out of work I’m already in a financial crisis they’re crazy we need you need to understand we we do this for a living where to put a contract we get no money we have no benefits so we have to work

  39. Leo Bailey
    Leo Bailey says:

    I think that Uberand Lyft drivers should get paid more because we drivers are the ones putting our own health at risk giving people rides. We drivers deserve a fair shake in this time of crisis because people still need us to get them from point A to point B on a daily basis.

  40. Clyde Hayes
    Clyde Hayes says:

    There should be Safeguards in place for Uber, and Lyft Driver’s. For They are in Harms way everyday. Open to all This Illness in The Air. Not to mention the way The job sectors have been affected.

  41. Alberto Colette
    Alberto Colette says:

    I have been sick for 3 weeks at least and I had to work sick and I cannot even afford a doctor and by the end of the month, I won’t be able to pay my rent. I have always said that Dara is a violent person who has mistreated and abuse maid. Now he is doing the same to us and California law makers don’t care.

  42. Clyde Hayes
    Clyde Hayes says:

    They should have support measures in place for These Contractors. That are an Intricate part of The Wheels Turning. In Our everyday. We have to appreciate Them..

  43. Rodney Parrish
    Rodney Parrish says:

    CEO’s should be concerned with our health as the CEO’s wouldn’t be making money if it wasn’t because of us out in the working field! CEO’s that don’t realize that will be the real loser’s, as they will go broke if they don’t!

  44. David Mosdale
    David Mosdale says:

    This is typical and despicable, as all one- way.. There was a truck rental company that was named that, and they went out of business

  45. Maria Polverini
    Maria Polverini says:

    Uber and Lyft is my only source of income, I need to work or I can’t my bills and I am supporting my 17 year old granddaughter, I can’t get no help if I don’t work my bills won’t be paid.

  46. Angela Williams
    Angela Williams says:

    If they do not protect us and pay us for 14 days if we have to be out and compensate us for money to clean and disinfect all cause I am quitting and I’m taking a lot of people with me and I will spread the word on the blogs and everywhere on the news Facebook Instagram everywhere

  47. Tiffany Rainey
    Tiffany Rainey says:

    It’s terrible out here for drivers. I rent my car the Lyft and they doing shit to help us. O they said we don’t have to hit the the rides. Wow. However, we still have to make the 250.00 car payment a week. Wow! I’m out here hustling my ass off to pay the car off so I can have at least 60.00 of profit. I relocated to another part of California and the ass wholes want even let me turn the car in into a closer hub. I literally hate how Lyft and Uber treat the hard working people.

  48. James Bonet
    James Bonet says:

    Such a disgrace…another reason I drive for Uber.
    So appreciative you folks are out there fighting for us. We feel pretty alone when we need something from Lyft or Uber, so it’s nice that someone is trying to fight for us and feels our pain.
    As far as the comment, it’s so sad, and maddening that this person puts his bottom line ahead of drivers safety and potential sickness and death.
    Very sad commentary where we are in our existence…
    Keel fighting the good fight and be well!

  49. Roland
    Roland says:

    Wether a driver is exhibiting symptoms, infected or otherwise of COVID-19 or not, we are all affected. So I suggest to
    Uber/Lift, That all Drivers that made at least 30 trips in their platform should automatically be given at $300 or more to alleviate economic challenge in these trying times. We are all feeling the economic impact of this pathogen and its only the beginning. Daily cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting our cars takes a lot of time not to mention the chemicals we buy to make our cars safe. Uber/Lift, its high time that you give back any help to your road warriors!!

  50. Hector Gonzalez
    Hector Gonzalez says:

    I have a litle cough and a have more of 5 days at home because l.m scarry por the cove 19

  51. moustapha diallo
    moustapha diallo says:

    The only way to keep us safe and healthy ,is to tell us to stop working and stay a home.and give us a stimiul $3000/mth depending what u making a mth..thx

  52. John
    John says:

    Uber profits over drivers….I use to make a $ 100 a day….
    The last 3 days make about $ 90
    Besides I’m risking my life and Uber don’t get the message.
    I stop working because Uber don’t care about drivers or they’re families….the dara guy goes en TV and claim Uber has over 20 billion dollars.

  53. LaTonya Paxton
    LaTonya Paxton says:

    I agree we need some kind of help… The rides activities are extremely slow… Help and compensation would be appreciated and we’ll deserved… What is asked should be distributed… It’s a fair request and I think Uber can handle it… The compounded intrest Uber and Lyft make alone should handle the requests…

  54. Francisco Medina
    Francisco Medina says:

    We should have paid a least 50% of whatever we make a week and health support, insurance or something is not ferand continued to get paid 30$ an hourly


    they have to prioritize drivers’ interests & public health instead of their own profits

  56. Loc Harris
    Loc Harris says:

    I have been driving for uber almost 3 years lyft almost 2 years they use be decent but now there slave drivers they ate greedy and don’t pay their workers right they say we’re are our own boss but won’t to tell you how to run your business we are uber we stop they stop period.

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