Mobile Workers Alliance drivers take over Uber hub in solidarity with nationwide ‘Fight for $15’ strike

Hundreds Mobile Workers Alliance members driving for Uber and Lyft in the Los Angeles region took part in a massive all-day protest to raise awareness of our exploitation by these billion dollar app companies and of how our fight is the same as other low-wage workers.

The mass action began in the morning with an Uber hub take-over in the West Adams neighborhood. Joined by Fight for $15 fast food workers and SEIU 721 members, we descended onto the hub in a huge line of vehicles, all decorated with Mobile Workers Alliance car flags and placards.

As we took over the hub, we unveiled our demands of a $30/hour living wager, a roll-back of Uber’s recent 25% rate cut and an end to arbitrary driver deactivations.

“Uber’s entire business would be impossible without drivers,” said Linda Valdivia, a rideshare driver and MWA member. “We are the reason Uber and Lyft make millions. Yet the majority of Uber and Lyft drivers can work 50, 60, 70 hours a week and still earn less than minimum wage. This is wrong. it’s unjust. And it should be illegal.”

Wes followed up the Uber take-over with a “motor march” to a McDonald’s restaurant in the Crenshaw District neighborhood nearby. We drove behind a large procession of fast food workers, child care providers, home care workers and janitors who were all part of the “Fight for $15” movement to raise the national minimum wage to at least $15/hour.

As those workers took over the inside of the restaurant, we took over the drive through and parking lot in solidarity, shutting down the restaurant for the day.