Drivers Demand AB5 & A Union In Sacramento

Hundreds of rideshare drivers from across California descended on the state capitol this week to urge lawmakers to pass Assembly Bill 5, and renew our call for union rights for all.

Action kicked off Tuesday morning, as drivers met with key elected officials including the Office of the California Governor, AB 5 author Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago, and Assemblymember Ash Kalra.

meeting with lawmakers

Later in the evening, two busloads of Mobile Workers Alliance drivers left Los Angeles at midnight to head to Sacramento for a full day of lobbying legislators in support of AB5.

The landmark bill would put an end to app companies using “independent contractor” status to skirt labor laws and deny drivers their rights, entitling gig workers to minimum wages, benefits, employment protections and collective bargaining rights.

We were joined by fellow drivers from Gig Workers Rising in the Bay Area, labor union members from a variety of industries and fast food workers from Fight for $15 – all united around the demand that legislators support AB5 and a path to a union.

While a group of MWA members gave public comment during the bill’s hearing in the Labor, Public Employment and Retirement Committee, dozens of us took over the halls of the capitol, visiting legislators from Southern California to ask for their support. Gig Workers Rising did the same for Northern California legislators.

After the hearing, in which the committee voted 3-1 to advance the bill, hundreds of AB5 supporters rallied outside the capitol building where we heard from legislators, labor leaders and our own MWA member, Linda Valdivia.

linda speaking at the capitol

“We know that we can have a living wage, and benefits and flexibility – and it all starts with a real voice at work,” Linda said. “It starts with a union!”

After twelve solid hours of fighting for our rights and with AB5 one step closer to law, we boarded the buses back to LA with the promise that we’ll be back as the bill continues to move through the legislative process!

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  1. Hany milad
    Hany milad says:

    Thank you guys for fighting for us we need human being rights and not use us like slaves

  2. Jorge Vargas
    Jorge Vargas says:

    What happens when Uber deactivating your account and says I have too many points? I have the same amount of points as I always have and they
    Told me my Ca Driver License was suspended as well and I’m still driving for other apps?
    What’s going on with these ruthless policies?

  3. Elizabeth Reyes
    Elizabeth Reyes says:

    My only concern is that we have to join a Union I don’t want to join a Union I do think we should get paid a better wage and not get taken advantage of like lyft an Uber does but I don’t want a Union I don’t want to have to join a Union and that’s what will happen because now unions always take your money and I’m not sure if they always do any good for people

  4. Brad Markell
    Brad Markell says:

    I’d join y’all in a ? beat if I made enough as a full-time driver.
    All we need is an attorney or lawfitm who has the guts to challenge them to Arbitration. So then, they’ll pay what they owe for being employees, not Independent contractors. Do not file a 1099. If you do, you won’t qualify. Good luck

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